Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Railway Is Coming To Cranford!!

Oops, sorry! I mean the Metro is coming to Chorlton! I must've got carried away with excitement! Hooray!
End of June we've been told, and then the city centre will be only 5 minutes away on public transport. Today test trams went tooting along the tracks! 
Looks like we'll soon be in business!


  1. we just saw one passing through as we were walking back from Morrisons!! I confess I hadn't realised they would be so quick, and Min says they are way cheaper than the bus too.
    much love

  2. yes - £2.40 for a return from Stretford currently - but hopefully I'll be able to go to my poetry class from chorlton on thursday and virtually door to door to st peter's square! :0)

    plus great views of the canal and waterways!! and the posh glass fronted apartments that look like dolls houses in the dark!