Monday, 25 April 2011

Head for the Hills

Yesterday the water temperature at Gaddings Dam was 15.4C - a veritable hot tub! - so that's where we're headed this afternoon to kick off the open water swimming season in these parts. 
I got a new wetsuit when TriCentral had a clearance sale a few weeks ago, it will have its inaugural dip today - may God bless her and all who swim in her!

Important Disclaimer: This is the wetsuit but this is not me...


  1. Hope the sun was shining on you when you finished swimming.
    much love

  2. thank you martine and michael it was great - more later!

  3. Sounds great, Marina. I must try to get over to the UK sometime other than January, so I can try some of these open water swimming locations. 15+ degrees is very swimmable, so I'd be happy with that. Water temperatures in Sydney are dropping even as I write and should be down to 15 by August.

  4. yes Chris we could meet up - come for one - or more! - of the Great Swim series of swims - fantastic fun swimming!!