Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I've been thinking about my Mum this week as 26th April is her anniversary. 
She died four years ago but it seems like it could have been last week - time is a strange old thing. 
On Easter Sunday I discovered Elizabeth Spires and among her poems I found Like Water which is painfully moving - so straightforward and what a powerful way to describe the grieving process.
Then a book arrived this morning that I ordered last week - Sparrow Tree by Gwyneth Lewis. Mslexia has invited submissions of reviews, this was on the list, so I thought I'd have a crack at it. 
Over the last four years of my mother's life we gradually lost her, as a degenerative illness impaired both her physical abilities and thinking processes. 
I flicked through what seems to be a great collection by Gwyneth Lewis and this poem called out

Field Guide to Dementia

To see you is egret,
No, red kite high
On a thermal,
Holding your hand
Is wagtail, comfort.

I think some cuckoo's laid
An egg of darkness in my head.

Words have migrated,
I forget their calls.

But I still point,
Look! Dowitcher, possibly
Lapwing. Quite.

Gwyneth Lewis

from Sparrow Tree (Bloodaxe)


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