Saturday, 3 October 2009

Every post a winning post

It's like a fairytale. All the confidence, power and rhythm that I establish by the end of a swim have inevitably disappeared by next morning when I hit the pool again. The lengths have stopped swimming themselves and it's like Groundhog Day, or 50 First Dates. Back at square one and facing the same barriers that were there yesterday.....and the day before.....and the day before.....

.....This morning was no different. The alarm went off a bit later but we were in the pool by 7.35, ploughing up the 50 metre lengths. Although the barriers feel the same, I know I have made important changes, which I don't want to discount. Hence the title of this post, one of my dad's wise sayings. For instance, I'm now freestyling and enjoying it. Six - no - three months ago I couldn't have predicted that. I'm swimming three, sometimes four times each week, and missing it on the days when I don't get to a pool. I've lost six pounds in weight and feel stronger and healthier. So what, if it takes me 12 or 15 laps to get settled in the water. Perhaps the next bit of progress will be to see that number decrease as time goes on.

We're having a bit of a swimfest weekend. Last night we watched 'The Swimmer' starring Burt Lancaster. Made in the late 60's, it's strange and compelling, quite political in its way, awkward, but maybe it's meant to be. It's based on a short story by John Cheever and like all good short stories, it leaves you with questions rather than answers. And speaking of short stories, I've received my copy of the latest Mslexia, announcing their short story competition. 2,200 words by January. I've been percolating an idea for some time now - guess what - it involves swimming! Now, maybe this deadline will give me the incentive to develop it.


  1. Came to your blog via artist Fiona and was fascinated by your preoccupation with swimming and the connections between this and writing. Very original and cooky.

  2. thanks wendy! cooky? I like that!