Thursday, 8 October 2009

Joy to the world

This morning was even darker than Tuesday and winter's not started yet. 
Another grim 50 First Dates/Groundhog Day moment, so as I walk to the poolside, I ask myself 
-do you like this or not? 
-I like it. 
As I put my foot in the water, I say 
-you can be miserable or joyful, what's it to be? 
-Joyful. I push off. So I am. Which isn't to say that it wasn't hard work - it was. But today I was smiling, that's the difference. 
I didn't get a rhythm till lap 15, but I did 22, so I had 7 laps of (relatively) easy slicing through the water. Unfortunately, midweek there isn't time to do a mile. Another 10 lengths would have been the joyful kind. But hey ho! Hopefully they will be joyful on Saturday morning when the wheel is reinvented and I start all over again.

By the time we come out, the sky is fantastic and rosy pink. When I walk our dog on the meadows, the hedgerows are dripping with dew, sunshine pours through gaps in the trees like saints are standing on the clouds overhead, steam rises up off the brook. 
I took photos on my phone but can't get them onto my laptop as the techy teenager's in bed, so instead here's a joyful picture of Grasmere in the summer when we were swimming around the Lake District in preparation for the big one. These golden moments are the reward for getting up early and persevering when it's dark.

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