Friday, 25 June 2010

Jesus Green Lido

Yesterday, today and tomorrow I am on tour with my old man who needs to be down near Ipswich today for his work. (Oi! less of the old - when he reads this later...) Usually he comes down here for these twice-yearly meetings on his own, but this time we decided to make a road trip of it. We booked a deal on laterooms and I'm blogging from a lovely quaint hotel on the outskirts of the city. 
We stopped off yesterday in Cambridge and parked up by the Cam so we could go and take a look at the fabled Jesus Green Lido. Not for a swim, you understand, just a peek as we were passing through, but now that I've seen it in the flesh, I think we must stop by there for a swim on our way home tomorrow. 
Cambridge is a truly enchanting city. When I'm there I always smile at the way town 
and gown rub along next to each other. I didn't study there, but we've been down several times in the past ten years and developed quite a soft spot for it.
So, back to Jesus Green Lido! Starting with the name.....Jesus Green, Jesus Green. It's so beautiful I can't stop writing it. And the picture above says it all! What's not to love? How could we be so close by during a heatwave and not go in? Well, I'd like to visit Aldeburgh, so the sea might deflect us. Or we might get there tomorrow and it could be packed out, that might also put me off.....I must leave tomorrow to take care of itself.
Now after a break of several weeks from swimming, I'm off for a dip in the hotel pool!


  1. This looks gorgeous. Is it fresh water or a chlorinated pool?

  2. hi Chris, thanks for dropping by! More details about Jesus Green on 2 July post - it is chlorinated - and very gorgeous!