Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Poetry in Motion

Yesterday we were in the pool early and it was a hard slog. When we leave the house now, the mornings are dark, the streets empty and a voice in my head says, 'this is madness, get back to bed. Who do you think you are?!' I feel comforted to see other people out and about, lights in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, other people starting up their days. 

I undermine myself in a similar way when I get up to write in the early morning. A part of me whispers, 'this is dangerous, where will it lead, forget it and stay asleep'.
It's Tuesday night now - that swim seems like an age ago and I miss it. My next scheduled swim is Thursday morning, I can't wait. Tonight I started back at Poetry School. So now the summer's over, class has begun, the weekly assignment is set and the Muse can come back. I was glad to sense her presence beside me in the passenger seat on my drive home tonight.