Saturday, 2 January 2010

January - Swimming Forwards, Glancing Back

Back in the swim - start as you mean to go on! - one mile this morning at the Aquatic Centre - wahey! Not my fastest time - 54 minutes - but reasonable, considering I've not had a serious swim for some time. And well over half was front crawl, so my benchmark is set for this year!
Then my kids laughed at me for sending photos from phone to laptop, when all I need to do is plug in the lead and import them! Duh! Hooray for the young folk!! So here's a montage of some photos I like from 2009.

Great North Swim
Victoria Baths

In Windermere
On the beach
Loughrigg Tarn


 Tynemouth Beach
Windermere from Low Wood 

Tynemouth outdoor pool
Knitted poem

On the road to Great Swim

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  1. Happy New Year!
    Sorry for the tardy greetings - I'm on holidays! Far from the computer....

    ....and doing lots and lots of swimming!