Friday, 24 September 2010

It's the Salford Countdown

Last weekend the temperature in Salford Quays was a balmy 18c. 
There's a distinct autumn chill in the air today. Over the last few days, texts and emails have been arriving from the organisers to inform swimmers that the water temperature has dropped to 15c and is still falling.  So wetsuits are now compulsory for everyone.
This morning we popped down to see how the venue is shaping up.  There was a swimming session in Ontario Basin, boats were out surveying the scene, marquees being bundled out of air of purposeful preparation. 
Up above is the start area - a little pool for adjusting to the cold, and the start enclosure with plenty of space all round for spectators.
And here's the first stretch - Huron Basin up to the bridge, Erie Basin beyond it.
Tomorrow morning final practice - all finished by 9am, then a simple matter of keeping nerves in check till Sunday!


  1. All the best for the swim at Salford Docks, Marina. Water quality must have improved remarkably since I lived in the North-West back in the seventies. Fifteen degrees C is cool (I usually only stay in for my 20 lengths when it's that temperature) but the wetsuit should help.

  2. That looks mighty chilly to me:-) good luck.
    much love martine

  3. You can DO it!We are all behind you!Quite a long way in my case, but still cheering!

  4. thank you, thank you, thank you guys - your moral support is like a bubble of warm water around my wetsuit!