Saturday, 23 October 2010


At the side of the blog in the little description of myself, I casually mention how I 'plan the novel'. 
A couple of years ago I had what I consider to be a good idea for a novel. The working title was Yummy Mummy (now a bit out of date as a concept, I fear) and I'd worked out a fair bit of the plot and characterisation etc etc. Since starting the blog, my poetry (and swimming) have come on a treat, but the novel is languishing in an unvisited dungeon of my mac.

Reading Michael Farry's blog this morning I became aware of National Novel Writing Month. What a fantastic, mad idea!! One month to write a 50,000 word novel, where quantity and not quality is absolutely the name of the game! No time for editing, just bang out a draft and if it's done by midnight on 30 November, then you are a WINNER! All of the publicity for it is fun, fun, fun! To sign up, you have to be over 13!!! That alone makes me want to register, if a 13-year-old can do it, then why not me?

So, I've got 7 days to unlock the dungeon, dust off the document, generally limber up and make my way to the starting blocks for 1 November. Anyone else care to join in ?!!


  1. Hi I signed up a month ago, but it has fallen at a very bad time really. And I keep thinking of vague ideas and then going off them, the advice seems to be to get a plan together otherwise you end up with 'blank screen with flashing cursor' syndrome, and I definitely have no plan:-( Am hoping my daughter might give it a go too, she writes stuff all the time, and then we can encourage each other. Anyway, good luck, we can drop encouraging messages back and forth:-)
    much love

  2. Yay Martine - yes indeedy - one week to get the plan formulated then wheee - a frantic November and lots of mutual support - maybe down the pub in Chorlton!!!