Friday, 31 December 2010

Ring Out The Old - Ring In The New!!

Despite the cross daubed on my sister's door - her family's version of the plague is much worse than ours - we dropped by this morning to collect our tiny nephew and niece and take them for a walk so that their mum could put her feet up for a little while.
Both the snuffly tots snoozed in their buggy as we pushed through Chorlton Meadows. It's the first time we've been there since Benji died in September, so it was a nostalgic trundle as we remembered all the wonderful walks we've done across there thanks to him. No walks there since September, I've just not been able to face it without him. 
I knew I wanted to go there today and reconnect with the life force in that beautiful place. No meadows walks - and also not a single swim since Salford. My mermaid tail has started to curl a little and I've put on one stone in weight! But maybe now I'm starting to come out of mourning.
As we pushed through all the familiar places I reflected how I've missed these walks as part of my poetry process. I've written a couple since Benji died, but now I realise how important to my writing the daily communing with Nature is.

And then this evening.....
My sister invited us over for a little New Year's Eve cup of cheer and I wanted to buy her a bunch of flowers so we popped to our local Morrisons.
As we stood in the checkout queue..... suddenly I saw a face I recognised.....
Would you Adam and Eve it!! - Martine from Silencing The Bell!!
She moved up to these parts in November with her family - I knew her from her picture on her blog - let's face it, she stood no chance of recognising me! - so I scooted over and introduced myself ! 
What a serendipitous end to the old year, auspicious start to the new!!

Happy New Year To You - To Us - One And All  !!!


  1. Happy New Year! I too have not swum for some weeks. A shame - wish I was in the swing of it and ready to jump in to celebrate the new year. Thanks for the link to "silencing the bell" - it looks worth following!

    No chance of recognising you?? Anyone who watched TV in the 60s would spot you a mile off. :)

  2. Hi Happy New Year,
    I solemnly promise to maintain your secret identity:-)
    ... and I now have a new person to cadge books from
    much love

  3. are you meaning an outside swim Dominic? brrrr it's so cold at the moment, even the thought of it makes me shiver... but I will get back in the pool soon Happy New Year!

    thank you Martine - and what a surprise to meet you - I was smiling for the rest of the evening! Happy New Year!

  4. Yes. i'm kicking myself. I meant to keep up the outdoor swims into the winter, but what with one thing and another... Hmm. Perhaps I've been making myself excuses!

  5. A very happy and healthy 2011. Thanks for visiting Sydney Daily Photo - much appreciated!

    And as to my Swimming blog, I've pit a couple of new ones up....oh to have the time to do more!!!

  6. PS One of my projects over the holidays is to read your blog all through. Love the Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright III - I have never heard it!!! I think I might have to pinch your idea and post it too - do you mind?

  7. Hi Dominic - take a look at Sally's blog - it could be just up your street/stream!!

    welcome Sally - it's an honour to have you here - sorry it's been a bit dry round here of late! You can listen to the loudon wainwright song on youtube - it's very catchy! Certainly don't mind at all - goes round, comes round as they say!