Friday, 25 February 2011

Cutting A Dash

With us a month now, Dash has been doing really well. He's full of energy and just can't get enough walks - racing to catch balls and any toys we throw for him. I had him weighed at the vet's on Tuesday and he's lost 2.2kg since he came to us, which is remarkable going. He's still got a bit to lose though.
As it's half term we're up in the Northeast for a couple of days. We went down to Tynemouth yesterday morning and he was thrilled to be on the beach, running and running, on the sand and in the sea.
At teatime we took him down to the beach at Whitley Bay and again, he had a whale of a time. The tide was coming in fast, so we went up to the promenade near a local landmark, the Rendezvous Cafe, to walk back to the car.

 Dash trotted ahead of us then, to our complete horror, ran back at the low sea wall, and jumped it, oblivious of the twenty foot drop on the other side.

He landed on the rocks with a gut-wrenching thump and a yelp. Panic-stricken, we ran down to the beach and Pete carried him up to the car - no mean feat.
We took him to a great local vet's. They kept him in overnight for intravenous pain relief and observation, and booked him in to an equally great animal hospital to have his leg and jaw examined today. The concern was that the upper jaw was split and leg ligaments torn. None of us slept well last night as we were still in shock at what had happened.
After a day in hospital, undergoing general anaesthesia, CT scan and x-rays the good news is that he's home and only needed to have four broken incisors removed. Unbelievably, nothing more radical. We can't get our heads round how lucky we've been not to lose him - he's zonked out on the floor, sleeping off his awful ordeal.  And thank God we'd decided to opt for insurance, praise be for Petplan...


  1. I was reading such a joyous post and was so loving that photograph on the beach and then - just an awful event. Thank God his injuries were not too serious, but what a trauma - for everyone. Hope all the healing goes well, and yes, thank goodness for the insurance.
    Ooh, I'm going to have to go and have a strong cup of tea now.

  2. yes indeedy Titus, as a dog yourself, you'll know how these canine catastrophes can just blow up and cause mayhem...but this morning he's more like his usual self, and we're allowed to take him for walks. I think we'll start off with a playing field - completely flat, fenced all round and no sand or sea walls to stir up scary flashbacks....probably more for us than doubt he'd be straight over that wall again given half a chance...but we're wise to him now....I think ;@)

  3. Incredibly lucky. You must have been terrified as you watched him. I'm glad that all ended well.

    The beaches of the Northeast look great. I must get up around there next time I'm over. Ridiculously, I've never been to a single beach on the UK's east coast.

  4. thanks Chris, it was a horrible 24 hours and he was so miserable - but now definitely on the mend - with a limp, but smiling again!!

    and yes the northeast beaches are wonderful - bracing on cold days but as beautiful as anywhere on hot days - and much quieter - off the beaten track up in the North !!