Saturday, 26 March 2011

School's Out

Tuesday was my last Poetry School class with John McAuliffe, I can't believe ten weeks have flown by so quickly. This has been my most productive class to date, I've written a poem a week and received excellent feedback from John who's such a generous tutor. His comments have been really constructive and encouraging, his experience as an editor invaluable. I've redrafted four of the poems and got them ready to send off to Poetry London, so we'll see what Colette Bryce makes of them...
and now I feel quite bereft, what will I write about this week? Tuesday's class we looked at poems with a driving theme including one of my favourites, Seamus Heaney's Postscript. Somehow without the deadline of Tuesday's class I seem to have lost my mojo...maybe I just need a little rest and then get back in the saddle...


  1. Why not hop aboard the Poetry Bus? I used to in the days when I had time. Great fun.

    This weeks challenge is here

    It's organised by

  2. thanks Dominic, I like following TFE, only problem is that stuff published on the internet counts as officially published and is ineligible for magazines and competitions.....
    but the ideas and starting points there are good - thanks again!

  3. Wasn't sure whether you were a TFE reader or not. Re poems, people who are concerned about that leave them up for a week or so and then remove them. There are also quite a few places don't seem to mind these days.

    I don't tend to send stuff off myself: I decided more people probably read my poems if I blogged them than would if they were in mags, etc.