Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sun Goes Down On Salford

Thursday was the last scheduled swim in Salford Docks for this season. Boating, kayaking and other activities will continue, but sadly no more swims till next spring. Boo hoo! 
So, with the fantastic raised temperatures of this Indian Summer, we just had to go and have a final dip before hanging up our wetsuits for the winter. And, having said that, I'm not ruling out the possibility of a swim when we're up in the Lakes at the end of the month. Especially if this weather continues - who knows?
Raised air temperature is a tricky old thing, it lulls you into thinking the water will be balmy too. I considered going in without the wetsuit as it's such a nuisance. However, cowardliness prevailed and I took the plunge, suited up. At 15.3C, it was bracing, definite ice cream headache when I first put my head under, but that soon faded. We did two laps - half a mile -  relishing the sunset and the clean, sweet water. 
And I keep checking the Salford Watersports website, secretly hoping against hope that they'll relent and give us a stay of execution - a couple more chances to enjoy the weather and the water before calling time for 2011.


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  3. Whoops, one day I'll learn to spell correctly. I was saying that the swimming at Salford Docks sounds fun, and it's a pity for it to end while the water is still above 15 C. Here in San Francisco, the water is 14 C and local swimmers tell me that's considered fine - it rarely gets above 16C. Many swim all year round from the two swimming clubs. While I wouldn't try that, I reckon 15 is good, especially if you can get a hot shower or hot drink afterwards. Hoping you enjoy many more outdoor swims before the water gets really cold.

  4. thanks Chris - I hope so too! your swims in the US sound amazing!