Sunday, 8 January 2012

Turn Moss Lake

If you look on a map you won't find this lake but it's not a figment of my imagination. When the rain is heavy - as it's been of late - this lake appears on the meadows where I walk Dash. It was beautiful yesterday with the seagulls competing with the crows to make an almighty racket.
If you're a poet with some poems on the theme of water, you might be interested in this competition. It's only £5 to enter up to 3 poems, which seems quite reasonable as the cash prizes are good. The judges are John Burnside and WN Herbert, but the closing date is this coming Friday - so get your skates (or fins) on!


  1. We have a lake like that near here. Trouble is the road runs through it. Drove through it yesterday - thankfully you could see the white lines all the way through the rippling water.

  2. Yes, we have some here too, but yours is prodigious in its scale! Great photographs of the birds as well.
    And Happy New Year!