Friday, 12 April 2013

Is this the way to Amaryllis?

Who are you? I hear you whisper.

Apologies for such long absences. Over the last twelve months I've not done one single outdoor swim. And very few indoor ones, come to think of it. Also, precious little writing.
However, I have been putting effort into promoting my back catalogue, finding homes for poems already written. It has been a bit of a wilderness time, but productive, and a few of my poems are now very well placed. I feel quite the Mrs Bennett, with my daughters out there, making their way in the world.

I also know, if I didn't before, that when I'm swimming, my writing benefits and vice versa. This dry period has seemed like a  phase I've needed to go through, so now I feel like I want to be writing more again, and swimming. I hope that means I'll be posting on the blog again. I've continued reading blogs, all the while, but writing is the exercise that begets more writing.........

I've also had some good adventures, been across to Dun Laoghaire twice, soaking up the literature festival last September, and enjoying a number of great poetry events back here in England. Our eldest daughter (real life, not a poem - Happy Birthday Nell !!) is also on an adventure at the moment, teaching English in South Korea, so as you might imagine, that is keeping us right on the edge of our seats .......

All in all, a lively time, even if somewhat quiet here on the western front .......

Why the strange title for this post? Oh, I bought an amaryllis bulb at Xmas and the photo above shows it now. It's so beautiful I have to sing that song (customized words) every time I walk past it. As I seem to have lost my way of late, Amaryllis seems as good a direction to be heading in as any ........


  1. Haven't swum since last August here - but that was a deeply enjoyable one!

    I went back once more after that post. I was swimming along when to my horror I saw my wedding ring was missing from my finger. I retraced my strokes and to my amazement (and relief) saw a gold circle shining up through the water. I dived down and retrieved it. A real "Lord of the Rings" experience if ever there was one. My precious!

    Hopefully the Korea situation will fizzle out over time. When it does, your daughter's experience will be one of those great family anecdotes that all families have a collection of.

    I've always found activities like swimming and running seem to stimulate creativity. Funnily enough, there was a Horizon programme about creativity the other week - it showed how methodical tasks (in this case, sorting coloured bricks) really did, while mere inactivity didn't.

    I didn't know JC's blog - but I do now. I'll keep an eye on it.

  2. btw, talking of online poetry opportunities, have you come across The Passionate Transitory?

    It's edited by the guy who blogs as The Solitary Walker.

  3. well done Mrs Bennett - a productive dry spell :)