Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pick 'n' Mix

Our five-year-old nephew is addicted to collecting Match Attax football cards, just like our son at the same age. Our daughters had a dolls' house, and were similarly fond of collecting Polly Pocket dolls when they were small – I've still got three sitting in my kitchen cupboard.

Well, today at Drointon Primula Nursery near Ripon, I reconnected with that powerful urge to amass – those pretty little plants were completely irresistible!

We wandered through the display beds and the growing tunnels, admiring the flowers in their teeny pots, totally spoilt for choice. In the end we selected ten and took a catalogue so we could browse at our leisure and save up for another batch.

Here's a few of the sweet-smelling beauties we chose:

Langley Park


Old Irish Green


Hetty Wolf

Arundel Stripe

And the others - every one a poem - Cooper's Gold, Wild and Grey, Dick Rogers, Trouble.
This being a Bank Holiday weekend, maybe we'll start building a theatre tomorrow for our diminutive collection !

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