Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Crime and punishment

My secret's out and I endured the walk of shame on Monday morning. The kids booed and hissed as I sat down at the breakfast table.

Despite their suspicions that I wasn't a shark wrangler, they'd loyally defended me to the hilt over the years when their friends had dared to question my fighting ability/sanity. Now that the world knows they've been duped by their own mother, I am off the pedestal and they take it as a license to tell lies willy nilly. In addition, my sister is horrified that I've unleashed that picture on the universe, when she's just got used to her new identity. Well, at least we're wearing masks. In an attempt to put things right, here is another picture of us when we were much younger and dressed in a more seemly fashion.

I've been asked by Amazon to submit reviews of two books which appear in the side bar of this blog - Wild Swim and Swimmer. I appreciate that this is not an approach from the Times Literary Supplement and that a computer will have generated the request, based on my previous buying. I nearly dispatched the email straight to the bin without thinking. But then I stopped and reflected that here I am, writing about swimming. So I'll consider it a pleasure to write about writing about swimming for the Amazon readership, particularly as both books are such excellent reads.

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