Friday, 2 July 2010

Listening between the Notes

Now, where was I? Ah yes, Aldeburgh, where I took this photo of an incredible, stripy rose! Aldeburgh, which celebrates with a fanfare its former resident Benjamin Britten, as does the English establishment. An awkward silence hangs in the air. What about the choirboys who were such an inspiration? The boy who protested, whose mother wouldn't believe him? Another boy, who grew up, fought in the Second World War, killed himself two months before his wedding? How come their voices have been drowned out? Idyllic Aldeburgh, pictures, soundtrack. Where are the words?


  1. Thanks for the link, interesting stuff. And the last part of your post reads like a poem:-)
    much love

  2. thank you Martine, yes it is interesting, and sobering. And more and more sobering, the more you read.....hmmm a poem, now you've got me thinking.....