Sunday, 4 July 2010

This week I have been mostly reading.....

In June these are the books that have had my attention:
Farewell My Lovely - Polly Clark
Paraphernalia - Joanne Limburg
The Shape of Every Box - Helen Mort
The Striped World - Emma Jones
The Book of Blood - Vicki Feaver
The Handless Maiden - Vicki Feaver
The Lammas Hireling - Ian Duhig
The Heel of Bernadette - Colette Bryce
The Wounded Deer - Pascale Petit
The Wrecking Light - Robin Robertson
Dragon Talk - Fleur Adcock
Through the Square Window - Sinead Morrissey


  1. Itr says something about how many writers/poets and books there are that someone can list 12 and I've not read one of them - or even read the authors. Correction: I have read bits of Fleur Adcock and possibly Ian Duhig.

    Had a quick google and have now read Elvis the Performing Octopus by Polly Clark.

    I should stay in more.

  2. hmmm and probably I should get out more.....but then again.....
    yes, it's wonderful that there's so much poetry in the world! I would recommend all the above

    Polly Clark's poem Farewell my Lovely is on her website - it's very good.
    And Ian Duhig reads The Lammas Hireling on the poetry archive, with a little intro giving some background

    thanks for dropping by Dominic!