Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Family that Swims Together.....

Family outing to Hathersage today as it's our middle daughter's twentieth birthday and we often go there for a swim in the open air pool as part of her celebration. Three generations ranging from 81 down to 6 months - not everyone had a dip, but I think everyone enjoyed the day.
It was a bit chilly, which kept the crowds at bay, but when the sun came out - heaven in a pool. And the water, as always, warm and welcoming. Best bit of course was when the heavens opened. When raindrops hit the water it's truly wonderful to witness and be part of it at their level.
Next Saturday it's the Great North Swim and all our documentation etc arrived today. I feel very unprepared. To paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara, I will think about that tomorrow...  


  1. I think I've just read about that pool in Deakin's Waterlog. Good luck with the GNS. An interesting looking challenge. Don't think I'd fancy the "extra mile" though.

  2. I meant to add, what a great way to celebrate a birthday!

  3. yes Roger Deakin does write about Hathersage and as for the extra mile - one is certainly enough for me! Last year Julian Crabtree swam every wave of GNS - how's that for a bonkers challenge!!
    And yes it's always been a lovely August birthday celebration!

  4. We used to have an outdoor pool at school, only used in the summer, but I remember the water was always lovely, almost more so if the day is a bit overcast and the air not so warm. What a lovely way to get the family together:-)
    thanks for sharing