Friday, 20 August 2010

Happy Blogday

Today it's exactly one year since I started this blog! 
During the last twelve months I've written 125 posts and received 95 comments. The statcounter informs me that my blog's had 2172 hits - thank you to everyone who's visited or left remarks!
Since last August I've completed the Great North Swim once and hope to do it again in two weeks time. My commitment to swimming has grown stronger and my technique and stamina improved over the past twelve months, but at times I've struggled to swim as frequently as I'd have liked. Lah de dah..... 
I'd say that blogging on a regular basis has certainly helped me to establish more routine in my writing patterns. At times it's offered a very pleasant means of procrastinating and putting off tackling the job in hand, but on the whole, it's helped me to focus in on my poetry writing rhythms and be more more creative and productive. And one of the best things has been swimming around in the blogosphere and appreciating the quirky uniqueness of all the different approaches to blogging. 
Here's to the next twelve months!


  1. Happy Blogiversary:-)
    much love martine

  2. A year already. I've enjoyed reading your posts and your comments. Strange how addictive this blogging can be. I only started mine to have an online record of my swim around Sydney. I enjoyed it so much I couldn't help myself, and began posting all manner of things about swimming. I look forward to reading about your second Great North Swim.