Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sporting Heroes

Just dropped Pete, Eddie and Eve (husband, son, daughter) in town as Pete and Eddie are running the Manchester 10K at 12.10 before doing the swim this afternoon. Gluttons for punishment!  Eve is the communication link and support team.
Eddie is a lovely, lanky 16-year-old, so Pete said it would be like watching a warthog and a gazelle.
I think he's being just a bit hard on himself!
And now I'm watching the coverage on BBC2, they keep flashing across to Salford where the first wave has just completed the course.
The commentator is saying the water is absolutely freezing and he'd need two wetsuits to even consider it......
The participants all look quite cheery though.....oh my god, that's me in three hours twenty minutes.....


  1. shiver!! You have one crazy active family!

  2. yes Jessica it does look that way, but today you've just caught us on one fairly untypical crazy active hotspot...!!