Sunday, 15 May 2011

We Are The Champions!

Blowing my alias...what the hell...blame the adrenalin high!! 
Self with warthog, gazelle and Eve's young man. Strange item between my legs is woolly hat. Too doolally still to put it on head. 
What an afternoon! Traffic diversions (because of Manchester 10K ) so long-winded I thought we wouldn't get there in time. But we did.....
I was third last to come in at the end of the day, so I had a personal escort of kayakers - who were all totally lovely and encouraging - thank you so much guys and gals

Thrilled, but too worn out to say much this evening, so here are some pictures

next time, my goal is to build up the front crawl

from the canal into Ontario Basin and the final section

always time for a chat. This guy will be kayaking again at the Windermere swim in a month's time

Dock 9, Huron Basin, the starting area - just about dismantled

Imperial  War Museum and The Lowry

Media City

view to a bridge

the BBC's new home

What a wonderful day despite grim weather and low temperatures. My time: 01:06:51. One month now to train towards shaving off some minutes at Windermere.


  1. Well done you. We watched some of the race on the telly and looked out for you but didn't spot you amongst the people going into the water after 3pm. It looked pretty cold mind you, confess I was glad to be sat in my living room with the heating on.
    much love

  2. Congratulations. Thinks: I'll have to get my act together and enter something. If I do, you'll probably move up a place next time! :)

  3. thank you Martine - watching it on TV definitely appealed (and seemed like the wisest option) as we set off from home......I'm hoping to see the highlights on catchup

    thanks Dominic and yes go on jump in - I think there's still places at Windermere, you'll probably surprise yourself with how speedy you are! we're saturday afternoon, 3.30 I think

  4. Sadly I'm tied up that weekend - and I'd rather prepare for it better than I would have this year. I am pretty slow and would want to speed up a bit, too. I did go for a fantastic swim in Coniston yesterday, though. A friend and I canoed up from Low Peel Near on the East side of the lake to Peel Island and beyond. When we got back we went for a swim along the coastline. Fantastic. When we got back the midges were out - argh!

  5. wow that sounds lovely - and kayaking as well!
    getting a bit of practice for the swim in first is a good idea, all part of the pre-match build-up ;0)