Monday, 31 May 2010

Midsummer Resolutions

After writing the hen poem into my last post and reading the words - weed your garden - I started to weed the garden, and proceeded to spend the whole afternoon and early evening gardening in my pyjamas. 
What a bohemian bank hol thing to do! Even though I'm already wont to spend large parts of the day in my dizzybelles, as my grandma used to say  - from the French se deshabiller, I believe - my son and daughter number 2 found it tres amusing that I was getting stuck in with a rake and fork in my dressing gown.  
I once read an article about the poet/crime novelist Sophie Hannah in which she said something along the lines that if you are a writer and have children, at least you will have to get dressed occasionally in order to take them to the places they need to go to.....or something like that.....Anyway I took that as encouragement that to develop my writing I needed to keep on spending as much time as possible in my pyjamas.....
I've toyed with the idea of writing a poem a day next month to build up my collection, but as June is only an hour away, I don't know that I can manage to be that prolific. So instead I've decided to go for one every other day. By the end of June I should therefore have the makings of 15 poems to play with. In May I haven't been near a pool, so that also needs to be addressed. These are my New June Resolutions.

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  1. I like your resolutions....they're good goals to have. see you soon! x