Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Poetry Pilgrimage

Across the valley from Gaddings Dam we could just about see the village of Heptonstall. I suggested a pilgrimage  across there to visit Sylvia Plath's grave.
Outside the village is Lumb Bank, the manor house bought by Ted Hughes after Sylvia's death. It's now owned by the Arvon Foundation which runs courses for writers.  


  1. I like Heptonstall, we walked there from Hebden Bridge years ago and it was really creepy, totally deserted except fo a couple outside their house sitting on a picnic rug playing a board game. So strange, unsettling.I'd never heard of Sylvia Plath at that time.Been back a couple of times since and it wasn't so creepy but still very quiet.

  2. it was loud on Monday - there was live music playing in the garden of one of the pubs - they were quite good! - so the whole joint was jumping!! even the churchyard - yikes there's probably a creepy poem in there!