Saturday, 8 May 2010

Welcome To My Birthday Bash

Today I've been celebrating my birthday - 51 today - yikes! How did that happen?!!
I had a very lazy start to the day, then this afternoon we went into Manchester to the City Art Gallery to see the Emmeline Pankhurst picture that I featured here two days ago. This exhibition finishes tomorrow, so we got in fast to see it. Afterwards we strolled through town, finishing up at Wagamama for a perfect end to a perfect day! 
Here are my presents:

To paraphrase Bruce Forsyth - Didn't I do well?!! 
( Shows my age, eh?!)


  1. happy birthday!
    and all of Lorrie Moore's stories - how great! I wonder if she swims. I don't remember swimming in anything she's written, but I'd love to see her take on it.

  2. thank you Sheila! I've not read anything by Lorrie Moore, so I'm looking forward to this thick book of short stories

  3. Happy Birthday mama, Sorry I couldn't be there but I hope you had a wonderful day. Love you xxx

  4. all the better for your wishes! love you too and see you soon xxxxx