Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Dashing (Black and) White Collie

One of these flingers has been kicking around in our hall for several years, rarely used because our darling Benji, one of the Seven Great Dogs, wasn't really interested in charging about fetching tennis balls for humans. He was more of a sniffer, who liked to follow tracks, mark his territory, square up to bigger dogs and generally commune with other canines, wherever possible.
For the last few months I've visited Dogs Blog, grieving for Benji and working out when we'd be ready to let another dog romp into our lives. A couple of weeks ago I saw smiley, dashing Dash and thought he might well be the one.
We went to see him in the RSPCA kennels last Saturday, took him for a walk and decided to invite him to join our pack.

Just look at his lovely white eyelashes! And his twinkly eyes!
He moved in yesterday,  so this morning I was back on Chorlton Meadows in the frost and sunshine.
Dash is a five-year-old Border Collie, the gentlest dog, just as sweet as he looks in his photos, but owing to his recent history, several kilos overweight. However, he is mad for ball games and today the ball flinger came into its own as I took him for three long walks. He ran and ran and ran, chasing the tennis ball, throwing it back to me to start all over again. For a big lad he is very agile! When the RSPCA took him in he was 30kg. Today at the vet's he weighed in at 26kg. With all the exercise we'll soon have him back in shape and with a bit of luck I might drop a dress size as well!


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