Saturday, 15 January 2011

To Hull In A Handcart

This weekend my husband is working in Hull, so I decided to come along for the ride as I've never visited this neck of the woods before. Not that I'm intending to do any sightseeing. I'm still in the aftermath of the Xmas flu bug and I've got a knee injury, so I'm pleasantly holed up in the Premier Inn (just as good as Lenny Henry says in the adverts, and only £29 per night) - with a top floor view of the Humber as it courses along towards the estuary. I've got a pile of books and a newspaper to read, and two poems to work on so I am in seventh heaven. However, I've still not picked up my pencil yet, I'm such an excellent procrastinator.....
The wind is whipping up a storm outside and the river is phenomenal - so wild and wide, I could watch it all day

There are many interesting things to see in Hull, including - 
the statue to Philip Larkin at Paragon railway station

 the slavery museum in Wilberforce House 

the house where Andrew Marvell spent part of his childhood

the Spurn Lightship 

I'll be back to explore in May when the weather improves and my husband is working here again. Now I'll get on with those poems.....after I've checked on the river.....


  1. I'd only ever been to Hull as a very small child (too small to remember) until the other week when we went to do a gig at the Pave Cafe Bar in Princes Avenue. Looked like a good place to go to eat and drink, if you're looking for somewhere.

    I wanted to go and drive over the Humber Bridge - but it was dark when we came out, so there didn't seem to be a lot of point!

  2. we've just eaten here at the restaurant in the premier inn and it was delicious and such good value - so maybe we'll venture out next time - thanks for the tip Dominic! And yes - I want to go over the Humber Bridge too but it's definitely one to savour by daylight to take in the vastness of the water and the breathtaking skill in the bridge's engineering

  3. I had two days there on a course once and found a very good Chinese restaurant. As it was probably about fifteen years ago, I'm afraid I don't remember the name...
    Have a great week, and more photos please! I love virtual sightseeing.

  4. thank you Titus - back to Manchester this evening boo hoo, but I'll bear in mind your hankering to see the sights