Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Eurydice Restored

I am thrilled to report that the wonderful poem by Sue Hubbard is to be restored in gold lettering in the Waterloo Underpass in London. 
All thanks to a Facebook campaign!
Power to the People!
Power to the Poetry!!!
Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!!!


  1. Right on!
    I had never heard of the poem before but I'm glad its being redone...its a stunning piece, thanks for the links!

  2. thanks for the link, what a wonderful poem.
    much love

  3. Very good news. Sad, however, that people have to argue the toss to get these sort of things done.

  4. I've not seen the poem actually in the underpass - my husband and daughter happened upon it a couple of years ago and were bowled over - so I'm looking forward to going there to take a look when it's reinstated -in all its golden glory! It's in a collection called Ghost Station which I highly recommend