Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bathed in Moonlight

Puzzled by Sunday's large moon, I've been doing some investigating. I'm pursuing this topic on the blog because poets like howling at the moon, I'm pleased to say.

Apparently, the huge moon phenomenon is an optical/psychological illusion: the moon is the same size as usual, but that's not how we perceive it. This accounts for why my camera just kept taking pictures which didn't record what I seemed to be seeing.
Now for the interesting bit. To prove the theory, stand with your back to the outsized moon, with your legs apart. Lean forward and down, and look through the gap between your legs at the moon. What you see should be a normal-sized moon. If you aren't as agile as you used to be, you might also be seeing stars at this point. Go inside, sit down and enjoy a well-earned cup of tea. 
I haven't tried this experiment yet, but I will report back in due course. Please feel free to let me know how you get on!

Mr Moon, Mr Moon
You're out too soon
The sun is in the sky.

Go back to your bed
and cover up your head
and wait till the day goes by.

Pip pip!

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