Friday, 19 February 2010


It's half term and we decided to go crazy and swim every day! So we've been up with the larks, for an early morning fix. 
My goggles have been getting on my nerves, the seal on the left eye has been letting in water and I've had to stop every few lengths to bale out. They also leave me with red rings which take ages to calm down, so I decided this week that enough was enough! The time has come to invest in some new ones. 
But where to get them, what to choose? The options are mind boggling. On my trawls around the internet, I came across this excellent website, whose very name seems like a declaration of intent! 
I phoned to get advice and a helpful, knowledgeable sales person suggested three models which come highly recommended. She suggested I order all three, try them by wearing them around the house and then keep the ones which are most comfortable.
So these are the contenders:
Aquasphere Kaiman - £11.99

Aquasphere Vista - £18.99

Barracuda Ultimate - £14.99

After a dry run of each model, I am leaning towards the Barracuda. I'll make my final decision later today in preparation for tomorrow morning's dip!  

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