Saturday, 20 February 2010


Well, what a day to remember! 
Today we've been babysitting our nephew because this morning his mum - my sister - was giving birth to his baby sister - born at 12.15. Welcome to the world, darling little girl! 
The phone message that the birth process was underway at 10.40 went unheeded because we'd gone for a later Saturday swim than usual. When the mobile rang in the locker room we were in the pool clocking up a mile! When we got out, it was action stations, taking our nephew to our house and waiting for the news - which arrived in record time!! We had a trip down memory lane this afternoon entertaining a tiny tot - lucky we've still got lots of our children's toddler toys to play with!

And as for the goggles...
the Barracudas are great - comfortable, no leaks, no fogging, minimal marks on eye sockets, so a great choice as far as I'm concerned.
(I'm also keeping the Aquasphere mask as an alternative option, and our son wants the Aquasphere goggles, so none will be going back to Swimming Without Stress - satisfied customers all round!)

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