Friday, 26 February 2010

Off the Hook

Isn't technology great?!! (to paraphrase The Fast Show). I am in Grasmere, with my laptop, posting as if I was tucked up at home! 
Tomorrow I am going to a poetry workshop with the poet Jean Sprackland. We are making a weekend of it and having a couple of nights in one of our favourite parts of the world. Our cosy little B&B is in the shadow of the Lion and the Lamb, currently dusted with snow and occasionally obscured by strands of mist.
For the past two weeks I have been wrestling with the idea of whether we should/shouldn't have a dip in Rydal Water or Grasmere while we are here. has been so cold of late!! This morning I said - let's not take the wetsuits. There was no protest whatsoever!
Windermere looked as beautiful and tranquil as ever as we drove past. (Photo above is from last October). Rydalwater and Grasmere were both covered in a layer of ice. So I don't need to feel guilty about not being brave enough to take the plunge.....on this occasion. Phew!! 

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