Monday, 1 February 2010


Last night the rising moon was wonderful, hanging in the sky like a huge golden ball. How does it do that?! This morning at 7.40 it was still fantastic - a morning moon against a chilly blue sky as people emerged into the quiet streets. 
I found this image of the moon on a website about the planets, sadly, my camera wasn't up to the task of photographing it. I was tracking its progress on our way back from swimming. Another kilometer, in addition to  one we clocked up on Friday. 
Getting up at 6am was a struggle as usual, but going out into the world was surprisingly easy, despite the darkness and the layer of frost on the car. The UK is bitterly cold again after a milder week. Snow at the weekend, though not as much as last time. And today's swimming was very satisfying - 20 x 50m flashed by without any effort. How come? The longer distance seemed to give me the space to think, without all the constant turning. And sometimes 40 x 25m fits the bill just fine as well, so there you go.
January has been a productive month - I've written one essay, one short story and one poem, a great start to the year!
Hello February! I can hardly believe you're here already!

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