Friday, 30 April 2010


I seem to be struggling to come out of hibernation and get my swimming mojo working again. Any excuse to wriggle out of swimming - I grab it with both hands. For the second time this week my husband's moral support got me down to the pool and once I'm in I'm fine. Another 1K with minimum effort and the joy of swimming is (temporarily) restored.
Maybe part of the problem is that the pool is frequently quite full and I have to spend more time sighting to avoid crashing into other swimmers. This means it's harder to get into the bliss zone.
Anyhoo, I did manage to have time for some ideas today. One of them was to arrange to have my swimming analysis at TriCentral. This was one of my Christmas presents and I was saving it for a rainy day. Well, I think that wet moment has arrived. My birthday is coming up, so I'll book it to coincide with my festivities and give my spirits a lift.
Other reasons to be cheerful - Hathersage pool is open again and Nantwich re-opens on 15 May. Salford is open for business tomorrow, but swimming in the quays still doesn't really appeal. As this is the Bank Holiday weekend, I'm wondering about going up to Gaddings Dam to check it out and - maybe - take the plunge.


  1. Gaddings Dam looks like a great place to take a dip, but, looking at the temperature (11.8C on 1st May), I'd need to wait for a month or two. I'm really not used to cold water like that any more. Actually, my parents still live not too far from Todmorden, but I can only ever make it over there in January. I'm thinking that this past winter it may well have been frozen over.

  2. Both Hathersage and Nantwich look to be good pools (do they still call outdoor pools 'lidos'?). I saw a great photo of Hathersage pool with snow on the ground. Nantwich pool is a 'brine' pool - I'm guessing that's what we call a saltwater pool (but not an ocean pool, maybe we need to change our terminology). I much prefer them to chlorine pools. I'd forgotten the term 'brine' pool. I used to swim in an indoor one when I lived in Liverpool (UK) in the 1970s.

  3. still havering and wavering whether to go in or not - and it would be in a wetsuit!! Might just drive up there for a look... (yes it was frozen earlier in the year)

    Nantwich is over cheshire salt mines - hence the brine - which is lovely - very silky water, I'm looking forward to it...

    and as for lido, the term does get used but maybe only for selected pools that have it in their name eg Ilkley Lido and the big triangular one down in the west country, I forget its name

  4. Actually, 'saline' was the term I should have been thinking of (re Liverpool). Another seniors moment for me.