Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fish out of Water

No blog for two weeks and no swim for almost three. What's going on?
Three weeks ago I had food poisoning. Now I feel tired and out of condition. My joints ache, particularly my knees and ankles. I have pain in my sinuses and face, or worse still, could it be my teeth? 
My husband suggested (kindly) that I've been out of the water too long. I think he's probably right, so tomorrow I'll get back in the pool and see if that helps.

Here's a poem about water by Gillian Clarke to put me in the mood.

The Water-Diviner

His fingers tell water like prayer.
He hears its voice in the silence
through fifty feet of rock
on an afternoon dumb with drought.

Under an old tin bath, a stone,
an upturned can, his copper pipe
glints with discovery. We dip our hose
deep into the dark, sucking its dryness,

till suddenly the water answers,
not the little sound we know,
but a thorough bass too deep
for the naked ear, shouts through the hose

a word we could not say, or spell, or remember,
something like 'dwr...dwr'.

Gillian Clarke

from Sixty Women Poets (ed. Linda France), Bloodaxe.

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