Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Game of Two Halves

Not long back from swimming. We were turned away from the first pool - lifeguard training, brought forward to 8am because of the school holidays. Curses! So on to the Aquatic Centre via Asda, to collect Schweppes caps for our free swim! Perfick! 
We started off in the diving pool while they sorted out the lanes in the other one. The underwater observation grille was open so we could see into the room at the side of the pool where camera crews film diving events. That freaked me somewhat - when there's anything unusual underwater I always imagine a scenario like the picture below rather than the  one above. Weird that I'm so nervy, given that I swim in lakes...
50 lengths rather than 64 as the clock was against us. The mile can wait!
My Mslexia arrived with the morning post. As suspected, my short story didn't win Tracy Chevalier's vote. She sounded brassed off that there hadn't been enough humorous stories about love. Hmm. Mine was about love but it was sad. In fact it fell into one of the categories she complained about - 'the effect of a child's death on a parent' - apparently there'd been lots. La de da. It was a last minute idea, I've redrafted it again twice since January, so the competition was a good deadline to get me moving. I'm not heartbroken, but a cash prize would have been lovely. When one of my poems was a runner-up last year, I was so excited I nearly kept the cheque to frame it. But £25 is £25 so I kept a photocopy instead. It's the little gold frame in my heart that matters. And maybe I'll get lucky again in this year's poetry competition...fingers crossed... 

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