Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hidden Gem

I like buying books and a few weeks ago I ordered 'quilting' by Lucille Clifton from owlsmart books in the USA at Amazon marketplace. At £1.07+ p&p it was one of those great secondhand bargain books. Its delivery was delayed because of the volcanic ash - how poetic! - but it arrived today. 
As I flicked through, guess what? It's been signed by Lucille herself!! On p. 49 she wrote: 
                          'For Daniel - Brother Poet - Joy! Lucille Clifton 2/94'. 
So that was a nice little surprise! These are the poems on p. 49.


when i stand around among poets
i am embarrassed mostly,
their long white heads,
the great bulge in their pants,

their certainties.

i don't know how to do
what i do in the way 
that i do it. it happens
despite me and i pretend

to deserve it.

but i don't know how to do it.
only sometimes when
something is singing
i listen and so far

i hear. 


when i stand around
among poets, sometimes
i hear a single music
in us, one note
dancing us through the
singular moving world.

Lucille Clifton
from quilting - poems 1987-1990 (BOA Editions).

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